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Best HP Pavilion and ZBook Series Laptops

Accounting for 1 in 5 computers sold, HP is one of the world’s leading PC provider. From low-cost everyday laptops for family use, to powerful workstations and portable gaming machines, HP offers a large variety of laptops for you to choose from. The HP Pavilion series are great all-rounders designed for home and office use, while the HP ZBook series offers solid mobile workstations that keeps you productive in the field. Not sure which of these devices to go for? Read on for our top picks: HP Pavilion x2 10-n202na £154.99 Struggling to choose between laptops and tablets ? With the HP Pavilion x2 10-n202na, you don’t have to! The convertible laptop allows you to effortlessly browse the web, watch movies and update your social media in tablet mode. Activate the laptop mode by attaching the keyboard and you can accurately type up essays or reports! Thanks to the magnetic hinge, the Pavilion x2 10-n202na can even go beyond laptop and tablet with stand and tent modes. S