Best HP Pavilion and ZBook Series Laptops

Accounting for 1 in 5 computers sold, HP is one of the world’s leading PC provider. From low-cost everyday laptops for family use, to powerful workstations and portable gaming machines, HP offers a large variety of laptops for you to choose from. The HP Pavilion series are great all-rounders designed for home and office use, while the HP ZBook series offers solid mobile workstations that keeps you productive in the field. Not sure which of these devices to go for? Read on for our top picks:

HP Pavilion x2 10-n202na


Struggling to choose between laptops and tablets? With the HP Pavilion x2 10-n202na, you don’t have to! The convertible laptop allows you to effortlessly browse the web, watch movies and update your social media in tablet mode. Activate the laptop mode by attaching the keyboard and you can accurately type up essays or reports! Thanks to the magnetic hinge, the Pavilion x2 10-n202na can even go beyond laptop and tablet with stand and tent modes. Such versatility of course has to be supported by impressive performance. Equipped with an Intel Atom Z3736 quad-core processor, the 2-in-1 laptop has got all the processing power you need to complete a wide range of daily tasks. Together with the 12-hour battery life, you can remain productive all day without keeping the charger connected!

HP Pavilion 15-au076sa


Buy HP Pavilion laptops such as the Pavilion 15-au076sa to stay powered all day! Featuring a reliable Intel Pentium 4405U processor, the laptop gives you ample power to see you through the working day. It is perfect for taking notes in lecture, writing essays, streaming TV and updating your social media! With a spacious 1TB hard disc drive, you’ll have plenty of room for your collection of music, movies and documents. The 9-hour battery life means you can stayed powered all day with charge to spare. You’ll have enough power left to enjoy entertainment after a long working day! The vibrant 15.6” HD display makes any movies or games look better. Housing stereo speakers with HP Audio Boost and custom tuning from B&O PLAY, the HP Pavilion 15-au076sa will offer you the most authentic sound!

HP ZBook G2


Create anywhere with the thin and light HP ZBook G2! Featuring a 5th generation Intel Core i7 processor and Windows 7 Pro, this workstation delivers excellent performance even from the most demanding applications. The HP Z Turbo Drive means you can handle larger files and reduce work time. With HP Remote Graphics Software, you can access and share your workstation from any PC, thin client or Windows tablet. It’s totally possible to work virtually anywhere! Looking for peak performance? Configure your system with updated settings and drivers with the help of HP Performance Advisor7 to optimise performance! Lastly, with ISV-certifications, the HP ZBook G2 is guaranteed to be compatible with the workstation applications required to things done!

HP ZBook Studio G3


Want to conquer the workday with a combination of brains and beauty? Buy HP ZBook laptops like the Studio G3! This brilliant laptop is your ideal workstation thanks to the powerful Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, up to 2TB of total storage and the Full HD display. It will not fail to give you all the performance you need! Its innovative style allows you to make a bold statement. The weight of the laptop starts at only 1.99kg and it’s merely 18mm thin, making the Studio G3 one of the slimmest, lightest and most appealing full-performance mobile station you can possibly find!

Have you figured out which HP laptop range suits your needs better, the HP Pavilion series or the HP ZBook series? We hope our round-up of the best HP Pavilion and ZBook series laptops has given you a better idea. Buy HP Pavilion laptops for a reliable everyday device! Looking for a robust workstation for ultimate productivity? Buy HP ZBook laptops!

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