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ASUS Vivobook S14 S432FL – A good Core i5 Laptop Deal

Are you looking for a decent Core i5 laptop deal that could offer you a solid performance? Well, you are in luck because ASUS  Vivobook  S14 S432FL is just the device that you have been looking for. This is a relatively new addition to  ASUS Core i5 laptops  that have taken over the market in a very short duration.   This nifty  ASUS  Vivobook  is an ideal pick for creative professionals and media editors, thanks to its second-generation  ScreenPad . ASUS has always been a leader in innovation and now the company has taken a step forward by adding additional features. The 10th generation i5 CPU, a massive 1TB SSD storage and NVIDIA dedicated graphics make it shine among the competitors.   A decent  Core i5  l aptop  with   Special Deal   The best thing about this Core i5 laptop is that you can get it with a great deal. This 14-inch laptop comes with free BullGuard Antivirus and Microsoft Arc Bluetooth Mouse that are worth £79.99. In addition to this free bundle, you will also get 1-Yea

Buy Lenovo i3 refurbished laptops

  Laptops have greatly transformed our work life, as they provide an opportunity to work without being present. However, buying one isn’t as comforting as the top laptops can cost you a fortune. That’s why we recommend people with a low budget to put their money on  Lenovo refurbished laptops  instead of a brand-new model. This way you could get a high-end computer without breaking the bank.   Refurbished laptops are good as new devices that are repaired and restored in their original condition. The only difference is that they are previously owned machines that don’t offer you the satisfaction of being the first to use these laptops. Nevertheless, they work perfectly well, and you could also get a warranty on them.   In this article, we are going to talk about one of the best refurbished  Lenovo i3 laptops : IdeaPad 320. This is an entry-level laptop that comes in several variants and offers real value for money. Here’s a little detail about the different variants of Lenovo IdeaPad 32