Where to Buy Cheap Gaming PCs under £500

Thanks to their blazing-fast processors, ample RAM and high-end graphics cards, gaming PCs are known to be expensive. Nevertheless, just because you’re on a tight budget doesn’t mean you don’t deserve an enjoyable gaming experience. We’re here to introduce you a couple of exceptional cheap gaming PCs under £500 so that you can indulge in your favourite blockbuster games without emptying your wallet! Let’s take a closer look at these cheap gaming PCs that will blow your mind:

HP Pavilion 570-p019na

WAS: 499.99 NOW: £399.99
(Save £100)

You don’t have to compromise on performance when you buy cheap gaming PCs, and the HP Pavilion 570-p019na is a solid proof. Powered by a quad-core AMD A10 processor with 8GB RAM, this cheap gaming PC delivers light-fast speed to play the latest games without any crippling slowdowns. With up to 2TB of storage, you won’t have to worry about your growing game collection! The AMD Radeon R5 435 graphics card provides the most gorgeous visuals to your favourite games. At the affordable price of £399.99, the HP Pavilion 570-p019na is the best thing to ever happen to budget gamers looking to buy cheap gaming PCs!

Dell Precision T3500

WAS: £249.99 NOW: £149.99
(Save £100)

You cannot miss the Dell Precision T3500 if you’re planning to buy cheap gaming PCs. Supported by the most up-to-date generation of Intel Xeon architecture with a system memory of up to 24GB, the cheap gaming PC delivers sufficient performance to play the latest games on the market. Its two PCIe x16 slots and abundant power for suitable graphics cards is the reason why the gaming device is capable of producing the most detailed, vivid graphics. With Intel Turbo Mode and direct cache access, the Dell Precision T3500 has the power to accelerate both single- and multi-threaded applications. This cheap gaming PC is not only great for gaming but also handling everyday tasks – perfect for striking work-play balance!


When you’re looking to buy cheap gaming PCs, you want to make sure your gaming needs are satisfied despite the small price tag. The HP Pavilion 550-100na will not disappoint you in this aspect. Equipped with a quad-core AMD A10 processor, the gaming rig runs everything effortlessly and efficiently. Featuring a dedicated AMD Radeon R5 graphics card with SSD storage, it has got enough graphics performance to support intensive gaming. You won’t be suffering from any loss of quality even when you’re playing the most demanding games! The 2TB of hard drive storage ensures the speed of the cheap gaming PC. Lastly, B&O Play gives the HP Pavilion 550-100na a finishing touch. It offers a rich, authentic audio experience that immerses you deeply in every game you play!

So there you have it – it’s totally possible to buy cheap gaming PCs with high performance at £500 or less! Whether you’re looking for a low-cost device to start your hobby, or searching for a more affordable way to play, these amazing cheap gaming PCs are your solutions. What are you waiting for? Buy cheap gaming PCs now and start gaming without breaking the bank!

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